How to Edit Videos on Your iPhone 5

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 6:54pm by Shakila Nasreen

It is amazing to know that you can use iMovie app in iPhone 5 to shoot, export and edit movies that are easy to run in any home theatre setup. Yet, the iMovie app is not available in iPhone 5 by default and it costs you £2.99 to download it from online App Store.

It helps you in shooting video footage and makes some editing according to your desire. You can also import the clips and can trim them easily. It is very simple to trim clips in it.

You can easily use it by doing a little bit practice. You can add titles if you want so. If you want to add some transitions, it can also be done easily.

Moreover, iMovie does not only provide you the facility of shooting video footage, but also provides you many more services. It is an amazing app and you can do a lot of fun with the pictures and video clips by using iMovie. You can edit your precious family videos and can upload these highlighted and edited videos to YouTube.

Here, you will find how this amazing app works for you in shooting, editing and sharing your videos with your loved ones.

Tutorial to Shoot, Edit and Share Video on iPhone 5

1) Shoot Video Clip

Start a ProjectYou need a footage for using iMovie app. You need to open the iPhone 5 camera and switch it to the camcorder mode. Now shoot the video by using various angles. Once you have shot a video clip, you need to unfold iMovie app where you will see the + sign in the right corner on the top of the screen. It shows to “Add a New Project”.

2) Theme Selection

Select themeYou need to select your desired theme by scrolling to the right. Here, you will have a choice to select music at the background of your theme if you prefer it.

3) Importing Footage

Importing FootageYou need to click to down arrow for adding media in the project. You need to click “Insert Footage” option and you would be able to view the visual list of the clips. You will see the preview of every clip. Select the clip you desire to import.

4) Add More Clips

Inserting More ClipsIf you want to add more clips you just need to follow the step mentioned above. You need to view the complete list of the clips and click on multiple clips to import them.

5) Edit the Clips Individually

Clip EditingWhen you want to edit the clip in your iPhone 5, you need to click and drag the dot in yellow color from right to left side on the clips. It will shorten the size of the clip and the same can be performed from the front.

If you want to remove your clip from the center, you need to mark the yellow dot in the beginning and again import this clip. Now you need to mark it at the end.

6) Transition Effects

Transition EffectsNow you need to put these clips in the footage you are preparing. You just need to place the red line at the place where you want to put the clip and click “Insert Footage”.

Between every two clips you will notice a button that shows you can add a transition from first to the last clip. You need to double click this option, select theme and transition effect and its duration. Once you have done with the settings, you need to click “Done” option.

7) Finalize & Share

FinalizeNow you need to double click on the first clip and select the option “Title Style”. Now click to the “Title Text” to insert its title. Continue doing so till the last clip and select the option “Ending”.

Once you have done the settings, you need to click to the option “Share” and select your desired resolution for exporting it to your desired location. It will be seen in the Photos application.

Download iMovie for iPhone 5

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