Firefox 26 for Windows 8 Likely to Be Launched on December 10th

Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 10:24pm by Shakila Nasreen

In coming December, Mozilla is going to release a “Metro-ized” Firefox for the users of Windows 8. It will be indeed a pleasant change for the users of Windows 8. Mozilla has been working on this advanced edition of Firefox for the last one year to give its users a modern interface UI that is known as Metro. It launched its rough preview in previous years in October a few weeks earlier with the release of Windows 8.

Metro-ized Firefox for Windows 8Microsoft developers faced unusual obstacles while they were developing Windows 8. A user needs to set one browser as his default one and the Modern UI will run only that browser in Windows 8. So, Internet Explorer was set as its default browser and when Windows 8.1 releases on 17th October, Internet Explorer 11 will be its default browser.

So, in the same way, Mozilla explained that it is highly demanded for it to introduce an advanced browser app to remain in competition as Google has also introduced the advanced version of Chrome for Windows 8 in June 2012. That’s why Mozilla is going to launch its Firefox 26 that will compete with the advanced interface of Windows 8. Mozilla will also issue Aurora and Beta versions of Firefox 26 on 16th September and 28th October for the users.

This latest Firefox will contain an advanced Metro-ized Start Page, Metro touch, integrated with the charms bar of Windows 8, swipe gestures and an advanced interface. The users should be well versed with the fact that this version of Firefox is specifically designed to work in Windows 8 and it will not work in Windows RT.

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